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The composition of high speed CNC engraving machine CNC system

by:Transon     2020-04-26
YF— D8070 cover all engraving machine is a kind of special definition of industrial control bus for embedded control, the signal definition and PC/AT almost the same, but the electrical and mechanical specifications are completely different, is a kind of optimization, the small and the stack structure of embedded control system, compared with the ordinary PC, ISA bus control system has the following characteristics: ( 1) Small size structure: standard module of mechanical size is 3. 6 * 3. 8 inches, or 90 * 96 mm. ( 2) Stack type connection: the bus in the form of needle / 0 and 0 / hole cascade connection, between modules, namely the PC104 bus of the bus connection is through the upper needle and the lower hole bite each other and are linked together, this package has excellent earthquake resistance. ( 3) Easy bus driver: reduce the amount of components and power consumption, and can make 4 ma bus driver module to work properly, the energy consumption of each module 1 ~ 2 w. It is because of PC104 is small in size, low consumption, reliable connection, using PC104 as the host, can greatly reduce the volume of a CNC controller, the system is more compact and reliable. Here, therefore, choose PC104 industrial computer as the upper machine, set up/position control card + PC1040 form of open CNC system, the system composition block diagram is shown in figure 1. According to different functions, the system can be divided into the following modules: system management module, motor control module, digital - Pulse servo interface module, electrical control module, operation module and servo drive module machine panel. The following are briefly introduced. ( 1) Management module and motion control module of PC104, this part is mainly composed of the upper machine main task is to manage and organize the whole CNC system to work methodically, mainly includes input, edit, compile processing program, the interrupt management, fault self-diagnosis, finish all kinds of control algorithm and the interpolation algorithm, the response operation panel and keyboard input, the motion controller feedback data even at the same time, CNC engraving machine working state, displayed on the CRT. ( 2) Digital - Pulse servo interface module and the location of the electrical control module based on CPLD control CARDS in each interpolation cycle received from PC ( PC104) Location information, convert them to spindle and feed system control information ( A certain frequency and the number of pulses) , realize accurate position control; Function for other auxiliary circuit at the same time, such as spindle start-stop, workpiece clamping, loosen, coolant on/off, etc. Realize the digital - namely Pulse interface function and electrical control function. ( 3) Machine tools panel operation module and servo drive module operation panel is managed with single-chip computer. Single-chip microcomputer real-time scanning to the panel buttons, and calculate the key value, via a serial port to communicate with the upper machine. Drive for SANYOQ series, use the position control, position control card output signal pulse and direction of the difference respectively to drive. Card through the output of intermediate relay control actuator servo ON the connected, and the input port through the intermediate relay read servo ready and servo drive output alarm signal, etc. Engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control network.
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