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The application scope and application level of stone engraving machine have been improved

by:Transon     2020-03-01
I believe there are still many unclear places in the understanding of stone engraving machines. If these problems have not been solved, everyone will not be able to use them better. Therefore, the following small series will share some content that users are very interested in, so that everyone can better use stone engraving machines. The specific content is as follows: Although the stone engraving machine is simple to operate, it has certain requirements for the working environment. Let's learn about the carving environment of stone engraving machine together. . Stone engraving machine is a relatively high-end carving equipment, which can be carved by itself through computer control, so the application scope and application level are gradually improving. 1. The voltage should be stable, so it is best to use a voltage regulator. 2, stone engraving machine work environment do not have strong acid and alkali, to avoid corrosion. 3. When using stone engraving machine, attention should be paid to avoid equipment that affects the transmission of signals such as strong electricity and strong magnetism. 4. Pay attention to good grounding and use three-core power supply when connecting electricity, so as to effectively avoid interference. Only by satisfying the carving environment of stone engraving machine can we work safely, ensure the efficiency and quality of engraving and prolong the service life of the machine. Everyone must pay attention to all aspects of the operating procedures and some small details when using the stone engraving machine, these are very important.
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