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Preparation of CNC carving and milling machine tool control scheme

by:Transon     2020-04-25
To make the CNC carving and milling machine tool processing work can be better implementation, good control scheme is required. Here due to the workpiece is small, the knife device does not work. Therefore, yifan, CNC engraving machine co. , LTD chose dial gauge for positioning work, the workpiece positioning levelness, vertical degree and parallel degree of the indicators such as strict control, to ensure to achieve high precision requirements, the company adopts precision parallel-jaw vice for card. Advice when into batch production, designing special fixture, to save time and ensure a better quality of card. Pack card after the debugging, the operator will have good nc machining programming input machine tools. YF06542 type CNC carving and milling machine tool offers several input format: direct input and using USB interface and using TCP/IP communications protocol Ethernet input mode, viewing the actual specific conditions to carry out related operations. Engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control network.
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