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Failure performance, causes and solutions of stone engraving machine driver and water cooling motor

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Stone engraving machine work intensity is relatively large, so there will be some small problems when using. Driver failure and water-cooled motor problems are the two most common problems that need to be paid attention. So, what are the manifestations of abdominal distension in stone engraving machine drivers and water-cooled motors, what are the causes and how to solve them? Stone engraving machine will always have one or another failure during long-term use. Today, I will explain the performance and solution when the driver and water-cooled motor fail: Stone engraving machine driver failure 1) Performance: in the process of engraving, everything moves normally, but after the end of processing, the return point when returning to the origin of the workpiece does not coincide with the origin defined at the beginning of engraving processing. Cause: drive failure, replace the drive and check whether the power supply voltage of the drive is normal. 2) In the process of engraving, especially in the process of high-speed machining, the reasons for the phenomenon of pause are easy to occur: ① the power supply voltage of the driver is unstable; ② The output current of the driver is too small. · Solution: Check whether the power supply voltage is normal, if not, please use the corresponding voltage regulator; Adjust the output current of the driver. Please refer to the section 'driver wiring diagram and parameter adjustment' for the adjustment method. Stone engraving machine water-cooled motor operation failure 1) Click 'main shaft opening: After the item in the control system, the main shaft motor does not rotate ① check the data line interface. If the interface is loose, please reconnect it. ② check whether the power supply of the frequency converter is normal, (3) Check whether there is an error prompt on the LED display screen of the frequency converter. Please refer to the section of frequency converter debugging in machine debugging to reset the frequency converter parameters. ④ If none of the above problems exist, after clicking 'spindle start', check whether the spindle motor has a starting sound, and the rotating shaft cannot rotate freely, please check the line connection part from the output of the frequency converter to the spindle motor. The problem is that the line is broken. 2) After clicking 'main shaft opening', the main shaft motor stops running instantly after a period of time ① Please check the frequency converter for faults and the LED prompts 'FU. 9 ', this fault is the output short circuit fault, check the circuit between the output port of the inverter and the spindle motor, and eliminate the short circuit fault. (2) if the LED screen of the inverter prompts 'FU. 1 'this fault is input voltage fault, check whether the input voltage is too high or too low, and use corresponding voltage regulator. The performance, causes and solutions of the driver and water-cooled motor failure of the stone engraving machine are introduced to everyone here, I hope to help everyone.
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