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Double the price of stone carving machine and increase demand reason?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Various kinds of countless stone, such as granite, marble, limestone, and other stone material, and with these things made of stone material is many, such as stone, milestones, tombstone, etc. , then the processed stone material, how to do, we went to have a look, this is of course to use our double stone engraving machine, let's go to go to jinan jia bang factory to take a look at this double stone carving machine which is what the route: jinan jia bang nc straight produce direct selling such a two-headed stone carving machine was well received by the customer: high efficiency, using high-power water-cooled spindle, cutting strength is big, can work continuously for a long time, little noise. Are all rack transmission speed: two axis rotation, speed, high efficiency, empty line speed up to 30 m/min. Engraving speed: using high speed drive and stepper motor drives, Y axis adopt double motor drive, high precision rack driving, with a strong cutting spindle engraving faster. Smooth operation: imported linear square guide, double row and four row ball slider, loading capacity is big, smooth operation, high precision, long life, imported high precision ball screw, the knife precision. Intelligent control: the macro card computer control system ( Optional DSP offline handle control system) , has the breakpoint, power outages, cutting knife carving function, has the characteristics of high stability, high efficiency, easy to learn at the same time. High precision: the use of advanced three curve prediction algorithm, is ensure curves running speed and precision, and can be a good compatibility with many software at home and abroad ( Such as MasterCAM, Type3, UG, AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Proe, carved) And so on. Durable: lathe bed whole steel structure welding and become, strong rigidity, big strength, smooth rotation, speed for a long time not deformation, not shake. Gantry mobile, strengthen the mesa, material on the surface of the table can be arbitrary processing, strong and durable. Double stone carving machine is under the industry demand of industry, is also fundamentally solved the problem of the customer, this is the double function of stone carving of popularity in the industry. We jinan jia bang nc on double stone carving machine details but also pay attention to the detail design, perfect details will can make double stone carving machine there a foothold in the industry, such as double stone engraving machine, you also satisfied?
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