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The use of CNC engraving machine tips

by:Transon     2020-04-26
When clamping knife engraving machine, such as we use the transformation to cover, so we need to will be loaded knife knife set of first and then then put the knife set in the cutter holder, into the cutter holder set of attention must not leak after the knife holder, but also can't enter the knife clip inside to flush, so as not to damage the knife set, and so on, we cannot load a knife set, is also a flush out knife sets, and then into the flush after cutter holder. When cutting materials, we will according to material selection tool, the material if it is 15 mm, so we choose the cutting tool should be 17 mm, the overall tool than the choice of materials about 2 mm long, such ability won't because of the cutter blade length, longer or shorter than the thickness of the material and easy cutting knife phenomenon. When too thick or hard material, we then operating software can adopt the method of layered engraving cutting. Water circulating pump in the water to clean and no more than 70 degrees Celsius, in the winter should pay attention to the pipe don't freeze to keep clear of the water cycle. Heed the thermostat on the spindle motor do not too high. The above techniques for carving machine operation and daily attention, in 2019, hope New Year will better friends, also hope will continue to focus on and support me ~ thank you in spite of being very busy toglance take time to read my article, if you have any comments or Suggestions in the comments below to interact with me oh ~
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