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The use of CNC engraving machine environment and maintenance

by:Transon     2020-04-22
CNC engraving machine has important position in the manufacturing, but as a high-tech electromechanical integration equipment, the working environment has certain requirements, and to pay attention to the maintenance at ordinary times, this can improve the efficiency of the use of CNC engraving machine, and the ability to increase its service life. 1 use environment. To avoid the high voltage and strong magnetic seriously affect the CNC engraving machine signal transmission equipment. Such as: electric welding machine, towers, etc. 2. Using three core power, to ensure good grounding, CNC engraving machine and reduce the interference. 3. Steady voltage requirements, to avoid big ups and downs, it is best to use voltage regulator. 4. The machine work long when not in strong acid, strong alkali environment. Maintenance of CNC engraving machine is used for more engaged in the processing business, processing of powder, dust is more. Used to keep the lead screw, such as polished rod parts cleaning and lubrication, in a timely manner to clean the dust and gas to the driving part; Operating personnel should timely cleaning, come on, it is strictly prohibited to charged.
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