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The advantages of laser marking machine and comparison with other tags

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Tag ( 马克) The word marks, engraved scale, score, marking, engraving, printing, sealing, trademark and other synonyms, it means: a specific logo markers, to explain things belong, maker of the product, model, level, category, quality, size, time, measuring, testing, audit, inspection, notarization, etc.

in addition, from the point of view of modern production management, & quot; Mark & quot; There are several functions:

facilitate for raw materials, semi-finished products, in products, product classification, classification management, transportation, processing, packing, inspection. In modern industrial production, tons of raw material, the first components to produce mixed ( Mixed type, mixing, mixing level) When the consequences of unimaginable, and also can't one by one to pick them to classification, the classification and grading.

to facilitate sales. Consumers want & quot; Name brand & quot; ,“; High quality products & quot; ,“; Real & quot; Is the economics of sales department, if is only logo, no model, no level, no & quot; Qualified & quot; And production date of the goods, it is difficult to sell.

easy to use. Model, specification, grade, date, users can easily according to their performance, respectively, such as medical thermometer calibration is unable to use.

to prevent counterfeit. General according to the provisions of the state trademark symbol is a good product, including graphics, text, color, etc. To prevent counterfeit, in addition to the trademark, also widely used mechanical, physical, chemical, electricity method for marking products, such as in the product or packaging on the trademark, model, description, special markers, cover seal, seal, pressure convex die design, template printing words and patterns, inkjet printing, printing and dyeing, rubber wheel transfer printing, stickers printing cloth, plastic, metal film trademark, burn out in ceramic or glass color pattern or chemically corrosion, corrosion of the metal products or play the text or pattern with electron bombardment method with coating method on different plating color film, printed or suppress encoded symbols. Since the laser technique and holographic technology, and adopted the laser mark method score mark words and patterns. Tag using advanced science and technology is the inevitable choice. Basic principle of

laser marking laser beam is used in a variety of different substances play a permanent mark in the surface. Play the effect of mark is through material surface evaporation show deep material, or light, by the result of the surface material chemical physical change and & quot; Time & quot; The trace, either light burned by part of the material, show the etching pattern and text.

at present, the accepted principle is two kinds:

& quot; Hot working & quot; Has a high energy density of laser beam, It is to focus on energy flow) Materials, processed materials on the surface, surface absorption of laser energy, produce thermal excitation in the area of the irradiation process, so that the material surface, Or coating) Temperature rise, produce abnormal, melting, ablation, the phenomenon such as evaporation.

“ Cold working & quot; Has the very high load energy ( Uv) Photon, can interrupt materials ( Especially the organic material) Or chemical bonds within the surrounding medium, damage to the thermal process in the material. The cold has special significance in the laser marking processing, because it is not a thermal ablation, but does not produce & quot; Thermal damage & quot; Side effects, cold strip break chemical bonds, and thus of the processed surface layer and the area does not produce heating or thermal deformation, and so on. Excimer laser is used in the electronics industry, for example, on the base material deposition, chemical film on the semiconductor substrate on the narrow groove.

the comparison of different markup method

compared with inkjet marking method, laser marking groove) Is that the advantages of wide scope of application, a variety of material ( Metal, glass, pottery and porcelain, plastic, leather, etc. ) Permanent quality mark in the play. The surface force does not produce mechanical deformation, do not produce corrosion on the surface of a material, See table below)
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