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How to choose and buy high speed engraving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Now on the market many high-speed engraving and milling machine, also has a lot of brands, a lot of style, for people who want to buy engraving and milling machine cut both ways. Benefits is much more choice, you can by comparing to the cost-effective machine of choose and buy, after several disadvantages is looking at you might hesitate, don't know what to buy, what are you looking at may be a cheaper than a machine, a than a turning you on price. Under the salesman to sell, you may be a febrile bought, in the case of don't understand until later found that cheap is cheap but the machine is not useful, the accuracy is not high, poor stability, but also often maintenance, service good also to say, a responsible manufacturer also good, meet some after-sales, regardless of the warranty problems easily said you man-made factors, then under the guise of various pretexts to collect fees. In fact, have a never change the laws of the market to buy things that is cheap goods is not good, good stuff is not cheap. That much lower than the market price of the machine, don't have to consider for people who do not know, some factory will be on the screw, bearing configuration on Taiwan is written as silver rod but may not in fact, there are too many fakes and Japan NSK bearings, so buy must pay attention to when, if will carefully watch is very cheap, and some really cut corners on the castings, poor choice of cast iron, good casting GenCha castings in processing time can be clearly seen, good hard good rigidity, poor is soft, easily bored with the hand electric drill. Here also can compress a lot of money. Finally, buy specializing in the production of carved milling engraving and milling machine or are looking for factory production of a good, some friends will figure is convenient, like in the computer gongs set the engraving and milling machine as the manufacturer, save trouble, easy maintenance, it is said there is nothing wrong, but on the market a lot of computer gongs engraving and milling machine to cutting, many are focusing on the two different ideas so to make things different, so everyone should be careful when choosing.
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