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How to better maintain high speed engraving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-22
To do maintenance is not a moment of high speed engraving and milling machine, have to be the long term, it is best to have such a habit. Always add lubricant to the machine, maintain machine lubrication does not rust, especially high speed engraving and milling machine screw and guide rail, must often oiled. To use the new oil, recovery and no oil or fake oil cannot be used. Always clean machine sundry, in addition, more waste, must clean up. Or you will fly everywhere, hard to avoid can into the crevice of machine tool. And the main shaft, also want to often see if hot. Also want to use a dedicated spindle cooling oil. Clean the nozzle lock nut will often don't go into fragments. Conditional user, can put the high speed engraving and milling machine in air conditioning room, to maintain machine tool and the humidity in wenzhou. Don't let the noise of machine tool processing in high temperature environment for a long time. Each class high speed engraving and milling machine, 1 - to rest 2 hours. While the machine is not one, but the long-term work 24 hours a day, a fairly large damage to machine tool. And die processing customers, under the knife, feed speed control in a reasonable range, such as don't ultralimit use. The spindle is the same, do not use speed limit. These are for the maintenance of high-speed carving and milling machine have very good effect.
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