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Don't blindly follow suit buy wood engraving machine at present is worth to buy it!

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Because specialty, so simple; Because the heart, so let you rest assured. This is our jinan jia bang CNC woodworking engraving machine four process. Woodworking engraving machine industry's walking step by step, four process for the design of the wood processing products, it also let us see the importance of professionalism. From jinan jia bang CNC woodworking engraving machine four process in the development process of it is not hard to see, not only need to innovative design, more necessary to woodworking engraving machine four working procedure quality, only in this way can improve competitiveness in the market competition furniture processing equipment, production more professional exclusive equipment, so have our four processes woodworking engraving machine. The four process woodworking engraving machine is depend on what has become the darling of the industry? 1. Value practical: imported spindle motor, high power efficiency; Taiwan square guide, durable wear-resistant, transmission is fast, long service life, low price is not low, value practical! 2. Are all rack transmission speed: two axis rotation, speed, high efficiency, empty line speed up to 28 m/min. 3. Engraving speed: using high speed drive and stepper motor drives, Y axis adopt double motor drive, high precision rack driving, with a strong cutting spindle engraving faster. 4. Smooth operation: adopts imported linear guide rail, double row and four row ball slider, loading capacity is big, smooth operation, high precision, long life, imported high precision ball screw, the knife precision. 5. Intelligent control: the macro card computer control system ( Optional DSP offline handle control system) , has the breakpoint, power outages, cutting knife carving function, has the characteristics of high stability, high efficiency, easy to learn at the same time. 6. High precision: the use of advanced three curve prediction algorithm, is ensure curves running speed and precision, and can be a good compatibility with many software at home and abroad ( Such as MasterCAM, Type3, UG, AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Proe, carved) And so on; 7. Durable: the machine bed is made from a thick wall steel tube structure. Lathe bed through finite element analysis ( FEA) And design for machine tool provides a hardened stable processing platform and all components of the lathe bed lathe bed processing ago eliminating stress. Four process woodworking engraving machine processing sample picture: we will win the market with the comprehensive innovation for the customer, guarantee the interests of the customer with the excellent quality, to solve customer extra worries with omni-directional service. Should the needs of customers, we will continue to create product high quality, high return products for customers. In the face of fierce market competition, we will with the requirements of the update, higher, stronger, challenge themselves and challenge tomorrow.
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