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Double independent head wood carving machine and double process of wood engraving machine where the difference is that?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Now a lot of wood door manufacturer of technology is becoming more and more attention on the wooden door, wooden door to do good must also sell good price. Now do the manufacturer of wooden door essential equipment is woodworking engraving machine. Many different kinds of wood engraving machine, the nose number can have a lot of. According to the example of double head, two independent head, yituo 2 and double process wood engraving machine, etc. , also are double head, what's the difference between them? Jinan jia bang on the characteristics of these three models explain for everybody. 1, double head wood engraving machine independently, two head were independent of each other, can two workpieces at the same time. In case was not large or relatively large workpieces, a spindle can be moved to the side, to achieve single spindle work independently. 2, yituo two wood engraving machine, actually this kind of hangs Taiwan type are generally used for relief, to yituo five, six yi tuo, yituo eight, etc. Because embossed workpieces is slow, some relief crafts artifacts is not very big, so can select multiple spindle to work at the same time improve production efficiency. Processing of size range as independent head carving machining range. Independent head carving machine, because single head weight is bigger, so can't add more head. And embossing machine, can add multiple head hangs Taiwan, improve production efficiency. 3 wood engraving machine, double process is also called double cylinder, some wooden door will need two to complete the double process of the cutting tool engraving machine is most suitable for, a knife engraving process is complete, rise, and then processing for another head down to the station, only one in the manufacturing process of the operation. So that we can reduce the time of the tool change, carved out a more accurate.
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