Full Enclosed 3D Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Machine


Fiber Laser Power: 20w 30w 50w 60w 80w 100w 120w 150w 200w.                 

Lens size: 200*200mm~400*400mm.   


TSF Cabinet 3D Fiber Marking


Machine-Dynamic Focusing



3D Fiber Laser Marker Features: 

1, Suit for all kinds of 3D curve surface, some irregular surface and flat surface marking, can automatically adjust laser focus length according to the 3D surface shape.

2, Standard 200X200mm big marking area. Under the premise of standard marking range, z-axis can achieve large variable focal length marking range.

3, High precision marking. The three-axis scanning system can adjust the focus length automatically, eliminate the range deformation and spot deviations from the characteristics of traditional F lens.
4.High degree of consistency and repeat ability make it suit for 3D deep marking.The max 130mm deep marking, support emboss, intaglio, and support STL files marking.

5, With over 100,000 hours working life, Almost no maintenance during this period..

6, FDA Compliant, CE Certification, ISO9001 Quality Certification.

7, Original Win 10 computer, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse all include, mini model exclude computer can compatible with Win 7/8/10 32bits or 64bits laptop.

8, USB Interface, U-Flash Disk Supported, Machine can read files from memory stick.

9, Closed shape model, no harm to operator and environmental protection

Machine Videos

Full Enclosed 3D Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Machine
Transon 3D marking video
3D mark on ball
Transon 3D marking video with JCZ control card


TSF-50 3D

TSF-100 3D

Laser Power



Laser Wavelength






Marking Range

200x200mm, 300x300mm

Minimum Line Width


Minimum Character


Marking Depth

0 ~0.5mm

Repeatability Accuracy


Beam Quality


Marking Format


Marking Format

Text, Bar Codes, Two-dimensional Code,   Automatically Marking the Date,Batchnumber,Serialnumber,Frequency,etc.

Graphic Format Supported


Working Voltage


Unit Power


Laser Module Life

>100000 hours

Machine size


Gross weight



Machinestandard parts:


1,Stand with Raycus brand laser source, JPT, MAX,IPG, Mopa optional

2, Taiwan control system, with MM3D software

3, Advanced MM3D software:There are 6 common models built in the software, including curve surface, bevel, etc. Users can also import their own STL file to mark.

4, Original Win10 computer system and Philips brand large display

5, With special 3D scan head, scan head with auto focus function

6, worktable: flat 300X300mm worktable

7,Inner and outer red dot pointer

8, 500mm height motorized up and down scale volume

9, Emergence off, key switch and 3 main buttons for laser, gavlo, power

Optional part:


1, Control cabinet: standard with sealed model, desktop model and mini model optional

2, Deep marking function, suggested 50W or more power to do deep marking. The max marking depth can be 130mm, support emboss, intaglio marking and STL file marking. 

3, XYZ axis can be extended.

4, Field lens, standard 200X200mm marking area, optional 100X100mm, 300X300mm, 400X400mm


Application :

3D Curve Surface Dynamic Focusing Fiber Laser Marking Machine is most suitable for marking on 3D surface of all metal and nonmetal material. It can also do all the work normal fiber laser marking machine do.

3D laser marking machine is widely used in marking logo, design, expiry date, serial batch number, code, etc. in the industry of mobile manufacture, cubic circuits, medical equipment, moulde, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic communication, etc.