Auto loading and unloading nesting cnc router machine for wood furniture production

Spindle: 9KW
Motor: Stepper motor /Hybrid servo motor /Yaskawa Servo /Panasonic servo /Delta servo
Vacuum cleaner: 3KW vacuum cleaner
Worktable: T-slot aluminum worktable /T-slot vacuum worktable
Vacuum pump: 5.5kw


Auto loading and unloading


nesting cnc router machine


for wood furniture production



Automatically to load and unload the material,

Automatic feeding function

Greatly save labor

Suitable for batch production of standard components

Increases the output greatly

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The purpose of the auto loader is to get more productivity out of the CNC with less people. One person can operate the machine, because all the materials handled automatically and it really makes it a much simpler job for the operator.Nesting Auto loading and unloding CNC router machine is a Wooden Furniture production line, including loading equipment, Nesting CNC Router with auto tool changer, unloading equipment. It finish automatic the whole process of MDF wood prepare, feeding, fixing, cutting, carving and unloading. 

Auto loading and unloading nesting cnc router machine
Auto loading and unloading nesting cnc router machine



Machine structure

Welded Steel square tube

Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy


Table Surface

Vacuum table

X, Y Structure

Rack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings

Z Structure

Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw

Max. Power Consumption (Without spindle)


Max. Rapid Travel Rate


Max. Working Speed


Spindle head

9.0kw Italy HSD spindle, drill bank, atc magazine

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

Japan YASKAWA Servo motor

Working Voltage


Command Language

G code

Operating System

Taiwan Syntec controller

Computer Interface




Software Compatibility

Type3 / Ucancam / Artcam

Running Environment Temperature


Relative humidity


1) An entry-level all-rounder, choose your tool changer, linear or carousel type, extraordinary solution with competitive price. 

2) Using top class components, e.g. 9.0kw ATC spindle, Japan Yaskawa servo motor driving system, Japan and France gear reducer, Germany helical rack, Schneider low voltage electrical components, Delta inverter—guaranteeing optimum performance and minimum failure.

3) Versatile functions: automatic loading, routing, vertical drilling, cutting, side-milling, edge chamfering, automatic unloading etc.

4) T-slot vacuum table with great absorption strength—absorb on multi-zone or clamp with pop-up positioning pin, it is your call.

5) Boring unit aggregate optional.

6) CV software is optional for 3d model designing, BOM (bill of material including cut list, parts sheet, hardware and accessories list and explode view), cnc manufacturing (auto nesting and G-code program output) 

Step 1:as the sheet is loaded ,the stack automatically raises to the next sheet

Step 2:the machine Traverse at the end of middle table ,then 3 suction cups are over the end of the panel, they pick it up with vacuum. At meanwhile ,pusher come

out from fence and push the sheet to unloading table, it starts feeding all these parts down here, until they break a light beam on this end. position device align the 

sheet so that lines it perfectly on the table.

Step 3:operator could put labels on and operator also take the parts off of the machine and it's real simple ,operator puts it on a stack or a rack or wherever.

Application of china cnc milling machine

1) Furniture industries: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, plates, antique furniture, doors, windows, desks and chairs.

2) Decoration industries: screens, wave boards, large-size wall hangings, advertising boards and sign making.

3) Arts & Crafts industries: Engrave on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles, organic boards, double-color boards and so on for achieving effects of exquisite patterns and characters.

4) Processing material: engraving, milling and cutting processing for acrylic, PVC, density boards, artificial stones, organic glass, plastics and soft metal sheets such as copper and aluminum. 

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