What are the main components of carved machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Small make up to introduce everyone to carved machine some of the important part of understanding this, for the vast number of consumers to buy a suitable for themselves and to judge whether a carved machine, ok is helpful. A first look at the carved machine process: design drawing - Casting lathe bed/shell - Lathe bed machining/shell - Spray paint order machine accessories - Leadscrew rail assembly - Electrical parts assembly, Electricity debugging - Set the fitting parameters - Precision correction - Engineering proofing test - Clean and check - Packaging. Followed by carved machine main components: 1, the spindle spindle is carved machine is one of the important parts, main shaft type is to use DC motor by the belt drive spindle, of up to 25000 RPM, but due to the use of brush, life in 300 hours, probably have to change the motor or motor brush, such is the characteristics of the motor torque, but the precision of this kind of motor in general is not very ideal. Another kind is to use frequency conversion brushless motor, speed can reach 60000 RPM, without change of carbon brush, USES frequency conversion control technology, is a professional product! Machine bed sheet metal, table, spindle, screw, the knife device, servo, floodlight, CCD device, automatic tool change machine tool equipment, machine tool base; The machine base is divided into marble base and iron base. 3, linear guide rail cylindrical guide most for small width carved machine, large more than carved machine adopts linear square rail. Products adopt linear guide P level. 4, screw ( Ordinary screw with precision ball screw) Common thread is commonly used on general milling machine screw, ordinary screw friction force is big, easy to wear and tear easily jammed occur when high-speed movement. The precision ball screw - - - - - - - - - - - - Professional products, is a very important is also expensive carved machine spare parts, carved machine accuracy is determined by it, because the carved machine is a two-way driven, so the ball screw is with preloading, the positive and negative turn into don't have clearance. Ball screw is the advantage of good precision, small resistance, long service life. Huge carved machine mainly adopts Japan THK, Taiwan silver/Yintai 3 precision lead screw, ensure the machining accuracy. Distinguish between two kinds of screw way is: ordinary screw for black, thread shape is rectangular or trapezoidal. Ball screw thread is a semicircle, screw color is usually white. Drive motor carved machine, currently on the market are mostly use stepper motor driver. 6, 1) transmission Wire driven, a layer of air material is used in the steel wire, outsourcing engineering plastic called kepton ( Ultra high wear-resisting material, tank missile cable conductor is covering the material) , high rigidity, the carving machine is driven by such technologies are cheap, fast, and will only be used for carving double-color board model; 2) Steel belt drive, use the thickness of 0. 1 mm of alloy materials, features and steel wire, suitable for light large machine. 7, electric control cabinet mainly includes: the handwheel, handheld, operation panel, alarm lamp, XYZ axis drives, spindle inverter, the I/O conversion board, fan, power supply, etc. 8, control calculator control card and computer. 9 a lot of brands, control, computer control system, according to customer's production and processing of choice is suitable for production control system. 10, the floating head carving double color boards, often seemingly simple but in fact it is not easy. General users require manufacturers to provide a platform of high precision, and some manufacturer simply on the platform and a thick piece of organic glass, with the sword in the above first milling a plane, but still can't solve the problem. Because in addition to the platforms have error, double-color board itself also has the error, the double color plate joint on the platform of double-sided adhesive thickness, and other factors, has carved out the sign is still a two-tone. Floating head is sculpture double color boards, in foreign small and medium-sized carving machine is equipped with standard, floating just as its name implies is carved in the plane of the cutting tools, can be in a certain range floating up and down! Spindle can slide up and down on the Z axis direction, pay attention to when using the floating head to adjust the distance of the cutting head and the tip, float can be carved on large area of the uneven plane, while keeping a uniform depth of the engraving.
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