Small CNC engraving machine technical parameters, structure, performance characteristics and application scope

by:Transon     2020-04-18
Technical parameters: the spindle speed: 6000 - 24000 rpm; Size: 360 * 360 * 60 mm; Speed: 6000 - 12000毫米/分钟; Resolution: 0. 01mm。 Structure: important by small CNC engraving machine engraving machine, electric control cabinet, control computer, carving based local control software and so on, and carving machine tool by the mission, base, fixed task move of gantry and spindle. The spindle kedao in X and Z axis move, gantry move in the Y direction, to form three-dimensional three-axis linkage. Characteristics: 1, perfect structure: the machine tool industry structure, the overall casting body, embedded guide rail, equipped with high power spindle motor; 2, precise work: three bearing positioning way, ensure machining high precision; 3, simple operation, has the power to restore, breakpoint continued carving, processing time prediction, automatic humanized functions such as against the knife. Application: apply small CNC engraving machine is suitable for high precision production of advertising signs, nameplate, gold plate, building model, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, wood products, handicrafts, etc. , and can be carved iron, copper, aluminum and other metal products.
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