Questions about carving machine hybrid servo system

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Actually most of our customers by the mixture of cognitive servo is such situation: at the time of carving machine assembly, part of the engraving machine run by step of the way, another part of the operation, by means of servo such engraving machine, we also called half servo or hybrid servo engraving machine. But there may be many customers have heard of hybrid servo system, also know a ray HBS so a hybrid servo brand, he this is how a situation? He this is actually a half-open loop servo system or, in other words, he is servo system simplified version of the system. In general, the real servo system, the whole closed loop, can be monitored, high precision, good performance, speed of the system ( Including software and hardware, so that the whole system) , of course, sometimes we call rezai, such a half-open loop servo system is also called servo system directly, although it professional terms should call hybrid servo system. On the first form of hybrid servo engraving machine, when calculate the price is very good, with several sets of servo system as little as you calculate a few money, for the second form of hybrid servo engraving machine, it directly with the price of this hybrid servo system to the engraving machine price on top. So there must be some customers will ask, where the hybrid servo than stepping in? Either the first or the second hybrid servo engraving machine, has the following advantages: first, the hybrid step servo engraving machine won't appear lost phenomenon, the problem is we often say carving precision problems; Second, the hybrid servo engraving machine engraving speed will be better than that of pure step-type engraving machine; Third, carved in the hybrid servo chance when consumption is lower than pure stepper engraving confidential, of course loss will be lower. Comparing mixed servo ac servo, cost cheaper, but no ac servo so powerful. Jinan product pulse nc will recommend which users to hybrid servo? Has the following processing requirements: processing factory business is very good, sculpture confidential work long hours, need increase the speed of engraving machine carving, or engraving machine carving precision need to slightly higher, but however they did not meet with speed and precision carving carving machine of the ac servo system of the upper limit of about half. To have such a sculpture demand users, assembling a half servo ( Hybrid servo) The carving machine is the best choice.
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