Carving the quality of the product and what is the relationship between carving machine price?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Will use a comfortable 'is the most direct way to mechanical engraving machine capacity test. Along with the computer engraving machine applied in the industry such as advertisement the popularization, computer engraving machine is no longer just a sign of strength, just as real batch type professional production tools. Typical applications of computer engraving machine in the advertisement industry are: the breastpiece processing, cutting crystal words, three-dimensional carving, sand production parts, processing light box components, processing of organic products and sculpture reliefs words and patterns, etc. The main features are: the application of the fine product requirements, processing area is small, can only use small tools. Using a small cutting tool to produce higher production efficiency, which requires the equipment capacity and processing technology must have professional characteristics. Must be batch production. No batch is difficult to produce better economies of scale. Practical production experience of the operator is clear: for a job is easy, but worked or accident, into a batch it's difficult. This is about to test tools are in 'with a comfortable, comfortable'. Professional engraving machine is the most significant features are: professional carving CAD/CAM software and CNC engraving machine for professional, closely matching. In the use of professional computer CNC engraving machine for batch processing, professional carving software can guarantee the operator's right as local design, generate reasonable and efficient processing procedures: when the card is good material, adjusted the tool started working, the operator simply timing tool cutting voice ', 'determine whether the tool wear and replaced when necessary, basically don't account for people; When processing is complete, if discover some parts processing results do not meet the requirements, the operator use of repair function on board at the scene a little remedy, a batch of live so fluently done. So work well! Low degree of specialization of computer engraving machine for the operator to design a kind of ideal processing method -- — No accident happens in the processing, if the premise is, there is no question of the engraving machine work, but in fact in the batch processing of long time no accident, there is no such thing as will 'not comfortable' working at this time. Main show is: hard to accurate positioning adjustment of cutting tool and the scene is difficult to repair the deficiency in the process of this is likely to cause: cutter turning position precision is low, affecting the accuracy of product, live beyond repair must be repeated to reduce machining efficiency. So engraving machine is no relationship between price and quality both, we should not be fooled by the appearance of engraving machine price! ! ! Choose the engraving machine should be from the quality of engraving machine, just a reference price.
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