YF— D160140 full computer engraving machine function and framework of DSP system

by:Transon     2020-04-18
DSP by reading the engraving process ( The cutting tool machining path file) , through calculation, the processing procedure of the coordinates and displacement vector, the velocity vector, and processing type control information into (X, Y, Z Or other) Axis direction of the signal and the pulse signal, and according to certain output pulse sequence to stepping motor controller, in order to realize the X, Y, Z, Or other) The shaft of the motor movement. Aiming at the shortcomings of the other types of engraving system, our YF— D160140 full computer engraving machine has the function of DSP system: 1) Speed, high precision carving; 2) Support the subdivision drive (> 20000step/s) ; 3) Large storage capacity, carving processing code is suitable for complex processing; 4) Optimization of linear interpolation and curve interpolation; 5) Lifting frequency function, by changing the pulse frequency of start and stop the process, to achieve a soft deceleration control, avoid or reduce the impact motion state changes; 6) Small volume, easy to operate. According to the system requirements, the system design by TMS320C32 - 50, Flash, SRAM, NVRAM, 8255 I/O port expansion chip, CompactFlash card, stepping motor drive and display LCD ( LCD) , keyboard interface, etc. System architecture is shown in figure 1. Figure 1 YF— — D160140 full computer engraving machine engraving machine DSP system architecture diagram information such as prices, engraving and milling machine in yifan numerical control net.
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