When you know that stone carving machining knife or power of these processing techniques?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Stone has a long history and wide application, master masons, stone carvings products emerge in endlessly, in up and down five thousand years of history of Chinese culture thick. Along with the progress of science and technology, some stone applications, manual sculpture gradually replaced by machinery, a special stone engraving machine, tombstone carving machine, cemetery carved machine, etc. In CNC engraving machine use process, whether it's new learners or experienced Lao shifu, will face processing of various mechanical problems, this article under the dimensional macro V5 version, concentrate on the processing method of resuming moment, this is the jinan jia bang summarizes many years experience in technical team, hope to help you in crossing. Resuming the epitaph: literally can be understood as, due to lead to carving processing after a pause, stop, stop, continue processing. We explain the cause of suspension from the following several aspects and processing methods. Before the lecture, jinan macro carved team remind everybody: every time in electricity, before starting the best operating a mechanical origin of this action, next time and work in set zero, save the workpiece coordinate system ( The menu bar - - - - - - - Operation - - - - - - - Save the workpiece origin) , it will help to deal with subsequent failure. 1, take the initiative to stop processing. 1, we are in the society, there is always an unexpected things, we need to put down the job at hand, to deal with. These circumstances, will have active suspension, stone carving machining process when we have time to continue processing. The solution: d in the macro software, click on the 'stop' button, record the machine stop on the section number ( Record Numbers can, for example: 12356) , the operation is 'back to the workpiece zero point' ( Quick keyboard F7) End, such as mechanical movement, turn it off. Recovery processing: computer, machine tool, after the power supply in the macro software: in the menu bar - - - - - - Operation - - - - - - - Advanced start - - - - - - - Left a text box input, then record the line segment number: 12356 ( Advice earlier enter 12350, for example, it can better cohesion carving location) , click 'ok', and the initial processing speed to move slowly, now you're done! 1. 2, found after cutting knife, take the initiative to stop the processing factors of cutting knife is not listed here, cutting knife are generally found to be lagging, the machine has been run for a period of time, treatment with 1. Similar to 1, but we need according to the actual situation, forecasts in advance how many rows segment number, may need to try many times, the experienced teacher can adjust in place at a time. In dealing with this problem, instead of involving method is as follows: A: conventional way: replacement of cutting tools, to the positive Z axis workpiece coordinate, and then input line segment number recovery processing; B: the lazy way: change is the tool, the clamp is installed, remember to turn the handle to the top of the collet alignment, basic no late this change is the way needs to be more positive Z axis, pay attention to a little bit about the clip with error is very small. Complete replacement tool, enter the appropriate line segment number recovery processing; 2, as a result of processing terminated due to power outages, power processing is terminated, this problem is very common, although national power grid construction has been very perfect, but still often happen this situation, please reader must grasp, for a rainy day. Because of the prevailing d motion V5 version of macro control card memory effect is not very good, so after power off, will be back to less than the workpiece zero etc occur frequently. So in this article beginning, a good work habit, back before processing machinery and record the workpiece coordinates. 2. 1, after electrify, reference 1. 1 and 1. 2, to find the right line segment number, recovery processing. But before machining, we must try to use F7 back to the origin of the workpiece, can see mechanical positioning accurately, lest destroy plank. With luck, can be directly before positioning to set up the workpiece zero. 2. 2, when we found after electrify, mechanical shaft can't return to normal when the workpiece zero, you need to work we reset the zero point coordinates. Now you will find, remind everybody before processing before operation to mechanical point and save the workpiece coordinate how wise it is. To manually set the workpiece zero point, is there will be error, of course, you said you look good, will certainly find zero again, I didn't pick the reason with you, lift this bar. Restore workpiece coordinates: mechanical point after back, operation - - - - - - - Read the workpiece coordinates - - - - - - - F7, complete. 3 looseness fault, tool wear, tool holder too much bad, chuck many quality problems or aging, tool wear, etc, often appear when carving knives loose, engraving too deeply, or does not reach the designated position. This needs us purchasing quality qualified cutting tools and accessories, do not blindly covet is cheap, compared with plate cost, working hours is more expensive. Solution to this problem is relatively simple, mainly is 1, 2, two described a comprehensive application. Change from its trail, when we understand the macro software and the working principle of the stone carving machine resuming carved flexible application. It is important to understand. Carving process, many factors can cause these problems, jinan jia bang technical team is the highest probability of occurrence of several, of course, there is a better solution, also hope to be able to communicate with everybody, common progress of learning.
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