What parts of stone engraving machine are easier to damage?

by:Transon     2020-03-06
Stone engraving machine has many important parts, each part plays a very important role in the operation of the machine, so know which parts are easy to damage, prevent in advance, the failure of stone engraving machine can be avoided. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to know which parts of stone engraving machine are more easily damaged. I. Laser tube the laser tube used in this machine is a domestic sealed-off carbon dioxide laser tube. The gas capacity in the tube is certain, and its service life is about 1000 hours. Its service life can be roughly divided into four stages (An average of eight hours per day) : The first stage: the excellent period, when the laser tube is in a stable state, all aspects are at the peak, this stage can last about two to three weeks. The second stage: stable period, when the laser tube is in a stable state, the light intensity is slightly weaker than the first stage under the same current, but the road to meet the needs of work, this phase can last about one to two months. The second stage: the weak period, after a long period of use, the indicators of the laser tube began to decline, the light intensity became weaker, at this time, you can reach your deep requirements by increasing the current and slowing down the speed, this phase can last about half a month to a month. The fourth stage: the depletion period, the laser tube end life. From the life process of the laser tube, it can be found that the length of the stable period is the key to the use of the laser tube, and the good and bad maintenance is directly related to the length of the stable period. The main points of maintenance are: the operating environment of the machine is good, the power supply voltage should be stable, and if the voltage fluctuation is too large, the stabilized power supply should be configured; The placement of the machine should be stable and cannot work in a large vibration and humid environment. The laser current should not be too large, but must be below 20mA, and the light intensity should be reduced as much as possible under the conditions of depth and speed, 13-17mA is a more appropriate current range. The laser tube is a heating component, which must ensure the quality and quantity of circulating water: Quality--- To ensure clean and free of debris, regularly replace the circulating water (Two days), Change water must be carried out when the machine is not working; Quantity---To ensure sufficient circulating water (Natural 20Kg above), Ensure that the temperature of circulating water is 5-25 degrees Celsius. Under the condition of meeting the working requirements, adopt the optimal working mode to prolong the service life of the laser tube as much as possible. For example, work by cutting as much as possible. II. Mirror and focusing mirror the surface of the mirror and focusing mirror are precisely polished and plated with a layer of thin film. Whether their surfaces are clean or not is directly related to the reflectivity and focusing effect of the laser, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly. When cleaning, be sure to strictly follow the maintenance steps. This can prolong its working life. Third, the maintenance of water pumps and fans is relatively simple. When the machine does not work, it should be closed in time, and it should be cleaned and cleaned regularly, so as not to affect its working effect and life. Fans should have certain protective measures and cannot work in rain and exposure. The above three parts are relatively easy to damage the stone engraving machine, which should be paid special attention to in use to avoid failure or life reduction caused by improper use or untimely maintenance.
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