What are the advantages of multi-functional stone engraving machines?

by:Transon     2020-03-28
The difference between multi-functional stone engraving machine and ordinary stone engraving machine is that one machine is multi-purpose, which can effectively save enterprise cost and improve enterprise competitiveness. However, due to technical limitations, ordinary stone engraving machines are not suitable for diversified enterprises. Scope of adaptation: the multi-functional stone engraving machine can realize three-dimensional engraving while being compatible with ordinary stone engraving machines, mainly highlighting the processing of artistic relief, murals, exterior wall fancy drawings, fireplaces, mosaic and ceramic tiles, engineering Board, special-shaped line, stair slate antique line, name list word, etc. Price comparison: the price is definitely more expensive than the ordinary one, but it is not recommended for everyone to buy. After all, the current technology is not very mature. If the processing technology is relatively simple, it is better to choose the ordinary one, general multi-functional reference price is generally 3. 20 thousand-3. Between 70 thousand, there is a big gap mainly in the materials used in the machine. Note: 1. The multi-function stone engraving machine has higher requirements for numerical control personnel. Before using the machine, the staff should be trained to avoid operational errors. 2. No matter what type of engraving machine you use, you mainly connect the ground wire. 3. The program should be set in strict accordance with the requirements to avoid waste.
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