Introduction: electronic engraving machine gravure plate-making process!

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Gravure, distinguish from the producing method, can be divided into two categories, one kind is carving gravure, one kind is gravure, carved by hand or mechanical engraving gravure gravure, electronic sculpture gravure equipment supplies. Manual carving gravure is carved with all kinds of knives on the copper plate, can be directly under the carved concave lines, can also be put on the copper plate a film of corrosion resistance, delimit etching resist film, copper plate surface, chemical corrosion printing technology. Mechanical carving gravure is using threads to engraving machine engraving machine, carving machine, the parallel and scaling of engraving machine machine carved directly, or the moment made from corrosion resistant layer on the surface of the copper corrosion again intaglio printing tools. Manual or mechanical engraving of gravure lines and exquisite, grain is exquisite, mainly used for printing has a security value of notes, bonds, and other equipment supplies. Electronic sculpture gravure, the use of electronic engraving machine, according to the principle of photoelectric, control engraving knife, carved in the roller surface mesh point, its area and depth change printing market at the same time. Film ever scan film system scan, USES a continuous tone of milky white, expensive, film quality is difficult to control printing technology. In the 80 s, electronic engraving machine to join transformation components, according to design a good procedure to convert the gum concave, which offset printing with the screening of the film, carving gravure printing tools. As a result, now mostly use color separation film printing tools and network. Installation plate cylinder plate with the crane installed in electronic engraving machine, carving of oil, dirt, remove page before oxide printing alliance. When scanned the negatives of the paste on the drum of the manuscript in central China. Test according to the original manuscript ( Scans) Requirements and ink color, combined with printing products carved value, for example, decoration printing paper is coarser, strong absorbency, engraving depth should be 45 mu m ~ 50 microns to printing requirements, must adjust carved on the current, voltage amplifier printing tools. Scanning head on the original scan, engraving head and scan head synchronous operation, the surface of the plate cylinder is carved into different shades of net point material. There are three kinds of new electronic engraving machine in the shape of a network point of view, you can select during operation, lest produce due to misregister tortoises in central printing. In sculpture character, subtle calligraphy cannot be lost, must choose fine line engraving, if use 100 cm, words carving can reach the effect of the ideal equipment supplies. Now, electronic sculpture gravure more split type of the electronic engraving system process, namely the scanner and electronic engraving machine separation, respectively and central image workstation connected to the input and output interface of printing. Yang, Yin figure film scanner can scan, Yin can scan milky white piece can glue concave conversion equipment consumables. The workstation has a variety of image processing functions, the image can be carried out as a whole, local color correction, the shear, combination and zooming, central gradient color printing. The yellow, magenta, blue images and printing such as line image unity coalition. Electronic engraving machine cable range from 31. 5 ~ 200 cm printing technology.
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