Engraving machine tool cutting knife common reason and how to solve and avoid engraving machine cutting knife?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
In the process of using engraving machine, we many times because of setting and improper operation caused the engraving machine tool cutting knife, from tool cutting knife itself, because the tool is not enough to bear the cutting force of the current, the following will share about engraving cutter cutting knife under common causes and how to solve and avoid engraving machine cutting knife. Engraving machine cutting knife reason 1, processing procedures: processing program is carving processing instruction, it contains the instructions and speed, the position is the basis of a machine tool movement, so the process is correct and reasonable will directly affect the tool cutting knife, if processing processing program itself is a cutting knife, the subsequent processing cannot be performed. Processing load cutting dosage and the influencing factors of cutting knife is mainly processing parameters, if the cutting parameter set is too large, more than the tooling capacity, processing cutting tool will this paragraph. By the same token, the unreasonable processing parameter Settings, such as feed rate is too big, will also be cutting knife in the processing. 2, engraving machine engraving machine is a machine tool itself sculpture processing, carving power provider, processing and carving machine whether to choose the right, the current state of the carving machine is normal will become the influence factors of cutting knife. 3, engraving machine tool cutting tool is a tool for carving processing, whether he expected the quality pass, strength enough to have a direct relationship, 4, engraving machine tool clamping state clamping is not whole, radial runout is large, or the depths of the cutting tool length is too long, can cause cutting knife. 5, processing materials carving material is processed object, if uneven hardness of material itself, there are impurities can cause cutting knife. 6, if the clamping workpiece clamping workpiece untrue or clamping unstable cause cutting knife. 7, cutting fluid in the hard metal machining performance significantly. No spray cooling fluid, or cutting fluid. Very hard materials like stone material processing, or material, need to spray cooling fluid, avoid overheating knives, cutting knife. 8, programming error programming feed depth is too big, if the cutting parameter set is too large, more than the capacity of a tool, cutting tool is too thin, cause can't chip, so as to break a cutting tool. 9, spindle motor spindle speed is too low, the spindle motor speed is too low, each tooth each turn turning is bigger, the cutting force is bigger, so it could cause cutting knife, in general, we use the spindle speed is still on the high side some good. 10, long time no change tool in itself on the hardness, strength, and sharpness, do not have good control acceleration, then cutting knife is natural, so requirements often check the cutting tool wear, wear serious change to move it early, because of the wear of cutting tool not only for engraving effect is bad, the carving machine itself is bad, do not point in order to save a little, causing a greater loss. 11, machine operator level decision behavior of machine operators, the knife, tool change accidentally touch off tool. Around 12, surrounding environment such as vibration source will affect the machining status lead to cutting knife, voltage instability or is beyond the scope of engraving machine work resulting in abnormal machine working state can also cause cutting knife. How to solve: 1, when found engraving machine tool during the operation of snap, please timely to pause or stop running. Number 2, and then write down the procedures section, this number in the back have to. 3, after waiting for spindle completely halt new tool, because basically is the manual in cutting tools, this will inevitably cause a change in the height have a direction, then only need to use the knife block to origin can determine the direction. 4, be sure to find the menu operation after completion of the 'advanced' began to function, the dialog box requirement to input the start line segment, the segment number is a beginning to stop the machine to write down the number, than when the input number began to break down the smaller Numbers, specific how many small according to find time to determine the cutting knife. If found later 5, have lost some Numbers. End segment number end of file by default. So CNC woodworking engraving machine can automatically then unfinished part continue to sculpture. Note: the focus of this process is the period, according to the segment number can be carved. If not timely to write down the number when cutting knife, then work hard, is likely before the whole process has been done for white. How to try to avoid cutting knife carving machine 1, CNC engraving machine surface must be milling flat; 2, before carving, vacuum adsorption must plate fixed reliable, no vacuum adsorption, more attention should be paid more to put the board level reliable fixation; 3, CNC engraving machine cutting tools must be on, perpendicular to the axis; 4, CNC engraving chance came along, be sure to check whether the spindle is strong, can't have any loose; 5, carving speed and according to the cause of the cutting knife, slow speed, high temperature, easy cutting knife; Speed, resistance is big, easy to cutting knife. So when cutting, must according to the thickness of the plate, material and so on to control speed carving
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