Engraving machine spindle does not reach the specified speed

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Users who use CNC Engraving machines know that different workpieces are carved. According to the engraving material and engraving path of the workpiece, the spindle speed of the CNC engraving machine is also different during engraving. How should I solve the problem that the spindle speed cannot reach the specified speed? 1. Check whether the wiring on the inverter and the wiring board is correct 2. Readjust the internal parameters of the inverter 3. If the data cable wiring board of Weihong card is damaged and the parameters in the DSP handle are not set correctly, the failure that the spindle speed cannot meet the requirements can generally be handled. In addition, through the above three points of maintenance. When using CNC engraving machine, it is necessary to do a better job of care and maintenance to prevent unnecessary problems. If the customer has other questions, please consult the R & D technology department of CNC engraving machine.
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