CNC engraving machine, classification and the engraving function

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Regardless of the numerical control woodworking engraving machine, CNC advertising engraving machine, CNC stone engraving machine etc, the basic characteristics are like. According to its different and divided into different carving industry. Take advertising engraving machine, from the function to see computer engraving machine engraving machine is divided into low power and high power engraving machine two broad categories. Small power engraving machine refers to the motor power smaller engraving machine ( General 80 - 200 w) , carving machine due to its smaller power, every time can only be applied to the cutting face less fine processing. Such as: badges, sand table model, handicraft surface processing, etc. This kind of carving machine to high-power engraving and cutting. High-power engraving machine refers to carving carving machine motor in more than 700 w power. Not only can this kind of carving machine for small power sculpture, also can undertake high power sculpture. Such as: the production of crystal word, all kinds of advertising signs, irregular blanking sheet forming, artificial stone processing, etc. Because of its big power, so a can cut 30 mm thick organic glass or high-power molding carved by cutter. Some users do not know carving machine has high power and small power, after watch the demo high-power engraving machine, because of the difficulty of investment bought a little low price low power engraving machine. Results can only be carving the breastplate of each piece of less than two dollars ( Some areas are only a few cents a) , high power, such as organic glass plate engraving can only watch someone else to do. The same investment, the same outlets, the same operation, and other personnel salary cost, while 80% of engraving business can't do, not only reduces the own benefit, and in a very disadvantageous position in the peer competition. This carving machine the choice, it is important to note. If you are in the industry application, be sure to buy to high-power carving carving machine. This is both the classification of the engraving machine, and engraving machine and purpose is different, so the customer when buy, in addition to examining CNC carving factory outside power, check your CNC engraving machine is not really suitable for their own use.
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