CNC engraving and milling machine and the primary difference between numerical control machining center

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Nc milling machining center, the moving parts rigidity requirements very well moving parts require very good advantages: rigidity for heavy cutting; Disadvantages: due to the mobile part of the same large, at the expense of his machine flexibility, for small part and fast feed could do nothing. CNC engraving and milling machine: the moving parts require good rigidity moving parts with flexible rigidity for the former title, as less as possible, while maintaining a certain rigidity. Are compared advantages: small machining, precision is high. For soft metal for high speed machining; Disadvantages: due to the poor rigidity so impossible for heavy cutting. High speed cutting machine: the moving parts rigidity demands very good mobile section rigidity is better, and as light as possible. Advantages: can in a small amount of cutting ( Patients generally & phi; 10 flat knife, for 45 # steel ( 300). Deep depth to 0. 75 is good) ; Disadvantages: can play under the correct use of high efficiency, low cost, make the grinding quantity is very few. Incorrect use, can make the tool scrap pile up soon.
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