'Advertising machine? 'Small CNC engraving machine engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Speak of the engraving machine industry, we certainly don't know, you must think like this say what. Today is the small make up in my eyes is advertising engraving machine, — Work, seek new different small CNC CNC engraving machine in the advertising industry is mainly used in sand table model, the production of advertising signs and word mark, these businesses on the carving process is relatively simple, the key is in effect on the performance, and the effect of main highlight is 'work and new vision'. Work 'work' is a high quality product form and the connotation of characterization. The characteristics embodied in the sand table model components, advertising signs and words carved processing way is: 'fine text design clarity, hollow out words and graphics edge smooth, hollow out pattern inside R small, high efficiency'. Small CNC CNC engraving machine, with its unique way of small cutting tool processing, on the production efficiency and machining precision can meet the requirements of manufacturing work of advertising! For DE novo different advertisers more 'new' and 'different' to express the theme of their demands and attract the attention of the public! Plane figure expression is a kind of use for a long time, people have gradually 'blind'! Relief of text and logo is advertisers commonly used expressions of art, but at present only 'sense'. With the use of small CNC CNC engraving machine, CNC carving processing has in the past, people 'see' the relief on sensory effects into a real 'relief' words and sign! ! This will help advertisers a breakthrough on the express way. I think so, 'DE novo' this requires the ability to design software have plenty of artistic creation, CNC carving art drawing mechanism and design software embossment surface modeling function provides advertisers with a new 'creation' means!
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