Advertising engraving machine how to choose to suit oneself?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Mini words carving machine now walking down the street or in the home everywhere advertising engraving machine finished product, as it has extensive application makes plan of purchasing advertising engraving machine also many, but after searching on the Internet, you like which product you want? Advertising engraving machine a variety of styles, the configuration is different also, each manufacturer price is also very different, I don't know how to make a choice? Don't worry, let small make up for you le le: first you need to know is that advertising engraving machine is mostly used for advertising industry such as: big cutting, plate making, LED/neon trough, the hole shape literally cut, blister light boxes production molds, etc. Of course it also can do woodworking industry such as: density board, MDF, etc in the hollow out, beautiful case, relief, such as processing. Then said its configuration problem, because it is to do big cut so the spindle power is 3 kw, commonly speed is 0 24000 RPM/min, the operating system with DSP's operating system, touch screen control, motor adopts 450 b, the drive for enquiry point 2 d811, working voltage of 220 v, 50 hz, carved instruction generation G *. u00*. mmg。 * PLT can, speed of 15 m/min even if good, different engraving machine on the market offer have high low, when the choice should not only look at the price and to see whether the plan to purchase the company's size and after-sales team and reputation in the industry, when the factory price is too low when should not choose due to covet petty gain, you get what you pay for the price is too low quality problems arise. So please choose carefully.
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