by:Transon     2021-01-11
Optical fiber laser marking machine, can the material such as plastic, carton packaging, metal material for logo printing, has long been based on the market at home and abroad. So, tag for bearing industry, to promote the development of.

bearing, is a kind of important modern machinery and equipment parts and components, main function is to support the mechanical body of revolution, thus reduce the friction coefficient in the movement, to ensure the accuracy of the rotation. It is reported, bearing manufacturing industry in China has become the world's largest bearing production and sales base, but there is still a research and development innovation ability is low, manufacturing technology level is low. This is, fiber laser marking machine become indispensable part processing, deeply promote the steady development of the bearing industry.

as we all know, fiber laser marking machine, with its processing speed, high precision marking, pollution-free advantages gradually replace the traditional way of inkjet, become each big industry of choice for logo printing. In addition to hardware, sheet metal materials, such as all kinds of cartons, plastic, leather and other non-metallic materials, therefore, laser equipment have to sink in, this is especially true for the bearing industry. In the above mentioned the several problems of the industry, past bearing process because of the poor equipment and bearing the structure of the complex factors, such as logo printing function is not very precise and rapid, so today, believe that the advanced optical fiber laser marking machine is able to solve.

bearing steel with high resistance to wear, good permeability, high hardness, etc, so believe that the status of the bearing industry is becoming more and more important. At this time, the optical fiber laser marking machine also will become a powerful driving force, the rapid development of high spirits bearing industry.
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