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All say October is the harvest season, China gold thear laser equipment factory to continue. On October 21 - 24 of the expo machinery exhibition and October 22 and righteous 26 the 16th China guzhen international lighting fair and LED application show, The following is called guzhen lamp expo) Laser equipment factory, China also has its debut.

in order to make more detailed understanding of laser technology, the manufacturing industry in China's laser equipment factory participated in various exhibitions in nearly a year, for the majority of users with the advanced laser technology and all kinds of display equipment. Whether clothing accessories industry, advertising, handicraft industry, sheet metal machinery industry & hellip; … And so on industry exhibition, laser equipment factory are China, seize every opportunity, to show itself to all walks of life at the same time, also penetrate the dynamic of the development of industries, in order to better development design to the market for laser products.

the following, the solo exhibition will bring you the latest 2 forecast information, if interested to visit and understand dear friends, can telephone contact us. Hotline: 18826950666/0769 - 89838888.

为10。 21 - Righteous machinery exhibition expo
time: October 21, 2015 24
location: yiwu international exhibition center
the booth no. : 2 t28
exhibition equipment: MC180 - D - A triaxial dynamic laser marking machine CMA1612 - A bald head laser cutting machine CMA1390 - four V camera positioning laser cutting machine CMA1810 - FET automatic feeding laser cutting machine MF20 - E optical fiber laser marking machine

10 lots. 22 - 26 China guzhen lamp expo
time: on October 22, 2015 - 26,
location: ancient town convention and exhibition centre
the booth no. : A minus A28
exhibition equipment: MF20 - L - Lamps and lanterns of A laser marking machine MF20 - L - B double header bubble lamp laser marking machine CMA1313 - T acrylic laser cutting machine CMA1530C - G - A fiber laser cutting machine

low part of the exhibition equipment introduction

CMA1390 -
V camera positioning of laser cutting machine with garment industry development research products, with high efficiency, high precision, fast speed, etc. Its using CCD automatic identification technology system, intelligent capture pattern is to locate the cutting, the cutting cloth slightly fold the tensile deformation in the process of full automatic tracking compensation, at the same time with the shortest cutting path software design, to create the biggest benefit for the user.

MF20 - L - B double header
bubble lamp laser marking machine with double laser, 4 * 2 automatic rotary worktable, realize semi-automatic laser marking, can two lamp holder for marking at the same time, work efficiency is 8 times that of the single head laser marking machine; It is applicable to all kinds of lighting lamp marking.

MF20 -
E optical fiber laser marking machine based on the domestic mainstream market, configure the Chinese laser equipment factory OEM fiber laser and its core optical device, such as improving the adaptability and maintainability of the product, greatly reduce the cost of the product. Configuration at the same time the company independent research and development of full digital high-speed marking control card and powerful upper software, can meet the different industries of metal, plastic, food and beverage packaging, marking, etc.

CMA1530C- G - A fiber laser cutting machine in the
CMA1530C - power optical fiber laser cutting machine G - Using A domestic initiative & other; Roller screw + original installation import grinding level gear and rack & throughout; Hybrid transmission components, can realize the high precision, high efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting; Can be used for professional cutting carbon steel, iron, stainless steel plate, aluminum, galvanized sheet, silicon steel and other metal materials.
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