Woodworking engraving machine problem happens

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Each woodworking professionals, if your partner 'woodworking engraving machine' appeared the following questions, you can smoothly to solve? If it is not easy to solve, take a look at the mechanical cat how to solve the yo ~ maybe can help you! Question 1: motor strange sound solution: to check if motor overload operation; Within the fault may be motor, at this time should be timely repairs or replacement. Question 2: motor reverse case solution: check whether the motor line phase or the output directly UVW exchange ( The frequency converter connected to the spindle motor line) 。 Question 3: woodworking engraving machine spindle motor burning case solution: to check whether the pump work, first to check whether the circulating water is low level. Queens mechanical woodworking machinery question 4: motor power, turn the situation of the fixed solution: check circuit, check whether the motor line phase and whether cable short circuit. Mechanical cat woodworking machinery question 5: woodworking engraving machine spindle a reversal phenomenon solution: woodworking engraving machine working process, a carving machine spindle reversal, is due to the frequency converter connected to the spindle the wrong line, two root can you forward. If spindle inversion, density board, carving will appear the phenomenon of bad knife, the knife to install then are more likely to break. Even if broken, will also be burned so appear this kind of abnormal phenomenon, the operator should immediately stop and check the carving machine spindle.
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