Woodworking engraving machine plays an increasingly significant role in wooden door production

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Woodworking engraving machine plays an increasingly significant role in the production of wooden doors: Nowadays, people's purchase of doors has gradually tended to high-grade, environment-friendly and low-carbon products. Wooden door is the first choice, not only because of its beautiful appearance and excellent workmanship, but also because of its environmental protection performance. Although it is more expensive for buyers, the quality is guaranteed. Because the mechanized production of the plate is the need for special processing, which is conducive to the volatilization of formaldehyde and the effect of environmental protection and low carbon. The material selection of wooden doors is mainly solid wooden doors, especially solid wood composite materials, which preserve the advantages of natural solid wood and avoid the defects of easy deformation and cracking. Material selection is important, but in the production process, pay attention to a fine. The traditional hand-made process has gradually been replaced by mechanical production. Woodworking engraving machine, as a new favorite of wooden door production, has been favored by more and more wooden door manufacturers. First of all, as a mechanized equipment, it is more efficient than manual production, and the defect rate is extremely low. Woodworking engraving machines mostly adopt gantry structure, which can be adjusted to meet the maximum feeding limit. The heavy bed of steel structure ensures the overall stability of the machine. The guide rail adopts circular guide rail or square guide rail, and the supporting surface is stable. Rack transmission, stable transmission, ensure long-term high-speed operation without deformation and jitter. In this way, when carving fine wooden doors, the accuracy and beauty of carving can be ensured, thus greatly improving the efficiency of wooden door making. Traditional handmade wooden doors are often made according to the actual factors of Labor, with low output and high price. Now the wooden door made by woodworking engraving machine can improve the output and ensure the overall consistency of the product. For example: Woodworking engraving machine is simple to operate, the design is more humanized, and it is more handy in the process of use. Its operating system has excellent compatibility and is compatible with various CAD/CAM software such as type3/artcam/castmate/ug/Wen Tai, and supports multiple language operations. The system is automatically controlled and can implement an unmanned working state. Wooden doors produced by woodworking engraving machines have more exquisite carving pictures and ensure mass production of products. At present, the housing construction industry is developing rapidly and there is a great demand for wooden doors. Therefore, it is very hot in the wooden door sales market. However, people's demand, especially for high-grade wooden doors, has gradually emerged, especially for wooden doors with exquisite pictures and excellent carving. The adoption of woodworking engraving machines is easy to solve this problem. Choosing a good woodworking engraving machine is not only handy in use, but also perfect in the production process of the product. King Kong woodworking engraving machine, an internationally renowned brand, is your best choice.
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