What needs to be detected when the engraving machine fails?

by:Transon     2020-03-16
It is inevitable that the machine will fail during use. When we don't know which parts are out of order, we can do a simple test, and small faults can be solved by ourselves, for major faults, only professional maintenance personnel or manufacturers can be found. The following are some opinions of our company's technical department on common minor faults that need to be detected. 1, whether the screws in various parts are loose. 2, whether the file is too large millions of computer processing errors. 3. Check whether the path handled by yourself is correct. 4. Loosen the knife Chuck, clamp the knife in the direction of rotation, and put the knife in the right direction, so as not to make the carved object not bright and clean. 5. Increase or decrease the spindle speed to adapt to different materials (Generally 8000-24000) 6, check whether the tool is damaged, replace with a new knife, re-engraving. A large number of experiments have proved that minor faults in general engraving machines can be basically solved through these minor tests.
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