What is the specific processing method of laser engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-03
Many people are amazed after reading the processing of the laser engraving machine. They think that it is a very good device and has many benefits after use. I wonder if you want to know more about it? If you are interested, you can continue to take a look at the introduction of the principle of laser engraving machine in the following article. Laser engraving machine specializes in selling laser engraving machine. Laser engraving machine is widely used, so how to do timing processing of laser engraving machine? Friends in the carving industry probably know several main factors that affect our processing timing, including feed speed, tool drop delay and speed and z-axis stroke. Another reason is that we have all adopted the 'priority mode' for processing. During the processing, we can completely use the manual moving machine tool to process. We can move to the limit position of the three axes according to the different models of the laser engraving machine until we hit the switch button of the stroke, then we record the XyZ three axes can move to the minimum and maximum coordinate values respectively, and enter the corresponding positions in the position parameters. Record the current coordinate value of the machine tool and manually control the movement of the machine tool to a position convenient for tool change operation. Enter it into the corresponding position parameter. The Xy coordinate of the center of the tool set and the rapid falling distance of the z axis (Z axis value)3 pairs of knife positions. This group of parameters is used to set when using the tool counter. The above content is some professional knowledge that can be understood in depth in the process of using laser engraving machine. I believe everyone has a further understanding of it after reading it.
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