What is outside influence factors of high speed machine operation?

by:Transon     2020-04-22
We know that the high-speed machine is a kind of can provide the efficiency of processing equipment, not only stable structure, high precision, good effect and processing products, and because of its adopts full seal protection structure, so high-speed machine durable, long service life. But high-speed machine for processing or more or less will be outside interference, and the influence factors of the outside world, the consequences are also different. So what? 1, dust interference, high speed machine work workshop must be clean, before and after using the device for cleaning and inspection work, avoid dust falls on electronic components, can influence the sensitivity of the equipment of heat dissipation, contactor. 2, vibration interference: high-speed machine installation is not smooth, or surrounded by other equipment affect the stability of high speed machine, will appear in the process of carving the vibration phenomenon, not only affects the processing products of small make up, but also can appear the phenomenon such as cutting knife. : 3 and magnetic fields due to the high speed machine control system is made up of various electronic devices, every feature has a certain voltage, the frequency range, so are vulnerable to a variety of external magnetic field interference, and instability of any component parts, the machining error can lead to high speed machine. 4, environmental temperature and humidity, temperature, humidity of metropolis influence on the performance of the high speed machine control system, drive motor performance, when the temperature more than 40 degrees, the control system may appear vulture, drive motor drive torque short of rating, which affect the high speed machine normal processing; And when temperature is too low, lead to the water cycle of water freezes, it is easy to cause problems such as the spindle burned.
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