What inspection work should be done before using woodworking engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-03-23
I don't know if you pay attention to the inspection of woodworking engraving machines when you use them at ordinary times. This is a step that cannot be ignored. I hope that everyone must be careful when carrying out the woodworking carving inspection work, so that they can find out the problems that exist in it and avoid accidents during operation. Check whether the installation position of the tool is correct or not, whether the tool is sharp or not, and whether it needs sharpening; Turn on the power supply, start the tool, idle without abnormal situation; When working, we must check whether there is any error in the size and no mechanical error before we can work formally; Observe the safety regulations in the work. When sawing small edge strips, do not send the strips directly by hand. Use the pusher or the self-made pusher to push the workpiece. The auxiliary plate connecting personnel are also not allowed to take it directly by hand; Tool replacement must wait for the machine to stop safely and turn off the power supply before proceeding; At the end of the work, you must clean up the dust of the machine, turn off the power supply, and clean up the operation tools and the operation table without any debris. First: we need to check whether the cooling water of the main shaft of the woodworking engraving machine is sufficient. Secondly: we need to turn on the vulgar idling spindle for about 5 minutes. Again: if the machine tool does not run for a long time, we need to run in the full stroke of the machine tool, and the running-in time can be used normally for about half an hour. Finally, if the woodworking engraving machine is using a new spindle click, we need to perform a certain period of running. These are all relevant inspections that must be done before we use the woodworking engraving machine. I believe everyone knows that it is not very complicated after reading it.
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