What are the types of modern engraving machines?

by:Transon     2020-03-23
Carving can be said to be a long-standing skill in China. Many exquisite sculptures are now stored in famous museums for people to enjoy. In the past, carving often used tools such as small knives. However, with the progress of science and technology, advanced engraving machines have been used in today's engraving. So, what kinds of modern engraving machines are there? I. Low-power laser engraving machine this is a kind of engraving machine with very clear objects. Because of its small size and low cost, it is generally used to carve small objects. We must have seen all the products it carved in our life. For example, many of the badges we use at work are carved by this laser engraving machine. This kind of engraving machine generally engrave plastic products with relatively low cost, which are often carved in batches. Second, the high-power computer engraving machine is a kind of engraving machine. We know its operation by listening to the name. The engraving machine added to the computer is better controlled. Most of the time, we only need to input some parameters needed in the engraving into the computer. In the following process, we only need to watch the computer operate the main part of the engraving machine. In general, if it is normal, there will be no problem. We just need to wait for the required products to automatically appear on the shelves. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the current engraving machines have introduced advanced automatic electronic technology, which enables the Engraving master's hands to be liberated, put more energy into product design and material research and development.
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