What are the requirements tombstone carving machine to process?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Tombstone carving machine is a stone carving machine industry classification, is emerging in recent years, a kind of numerical control equipment. Using programming software to convert the need to the content of the sculpture carving carving machine control software can recognize graphical format so as to achieve automatic engraving effect. With the development of science and technology, the progress of human knowledge and machine instead of manual is the inevitable trend of social development. The old stonecutter's retirement, young people pursuit of science and technology, make the tombstone carving machine arises at the historic moment. More and more people pay attention to efficiency, pay attention to beautiful appearance, pay more attention to health, pollution-free, pollution-free nc tombstone carving machine will be stone carving industry, the main production tool. So what's the requirement tombstone carving machine to process? Jinan jia bang CNC carving below vendors would share the tombstone carving machining process requirement: ( 1) Select and determine to tombstone carving machining parts and content; ( 2) Process analysis was carried out on the drawings of the parts processed, clear processing content and technical requirements, and on this basis, determine the processing scheme of parts, and arrange processing process; ( 3) Design tombstone carving machining process, such as the division of work step, parts, jig and tool selection, the determination of cutting parameter, etc. ; ( 4) Choice of cutter point, the position of the tool change point, determine the processing route, considering cutting tool compensation; ( 5) Distribution in the nc machining tolerance; ( 6) Finalize the design of nc machining technology documents and archiving. Above these points is tombstone carving machine to the requirement of processing technology, hope to help you!
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