What are the operating CNC high speed machine safety norms

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Operating CNC high speed machine is has certain risk, because its speed is very fast at work. So in operating CNC high speed machine must pay attention to the following points, life only have once. Must be closed before 1, CNC high speed machine to start the machine door, when the machine tool may not arbitrarily open the door; 2, in the automatic processing of emergency, immediately press CNC high speed machine reset or stop button, and to find out the reason, first to operate; 3, rest before the shutdown check the computer, the power of the high-speed CNC machine whether all close; 4, in operating CNC high speed machine, to prevent the spindle and the cutting tool and equipment collision, only allowed a single operation, others may not touch keys; 5, workpiece machine move alone to avoid as far as possible of people in the lift, workpiece is heavier traffic; 6, must be constrictive clothing, cuff, good working cap, protective glasses, wear shoes. Check the fuselage, guide rail, and the main slide surface, if there are any obstacles, tools, impurities, etc. , must be clean, wipe clean, do not wear a scarf, gloves, wear skirts, sandals, high heels mount guard operation. Forbidden to wear gloves while working.
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