What are the environmental factors affect carved graphite machining?

by:Transon     2020-04-23
The environmental factors that affect carved graphite machining: 1, the influence of the power supply for processing is the most direct, main show is control system disorders. Graphite engraving machine of every feature of various electronic devices, there is a certain voltage and frequency range. Overload operation of any component parts inevitably lead to the instability of the whole system, common phenomenon is processing deviation; 2, the influence of vibration of the knife is frequent, the surface is not smooth. Common reason is to touch in the manufacturing process of machine tools, machine tools installation levelness is unqualified, surrounded by punching machine; 3, the influence of environmental temperature and humidity control system of the performance, the performance of the drive motor. When the environment temperature more than 40 degrees, the control system control and possible errors and drive motor drive torque may reach rating. Non-metallic materials and graphite engraving machine applicable industry: aluminum, copper and other metal materials engraving, drilling, cutting processing, electronic fixture, acrylic panels, bakelite, synthetic stone, glass fiber sheet plates, glasses, gypsum blister mold, the generation of wooden shoes mold, stamping mold, plastic mold, copper electrode, etc.
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