What are the control methods for woodworking engraving machines?

by:Transon     2020-03-25
Woodworking engraving machines are widely used in industries and other fields mainly to carve more beautiful handicrafts. In industry, it is mainly used to process metal materials such as quartz crystals and copper. Of course, according to its specific types, there are many different types, and the specific styles are also uneven due to different customized customers. This engraving machine mainly has three control modes. 1, pure computer control engraving machine operation program, in the process of engraving machine work computer also synchronous online operation, and the computer in addition to the operation page, other pages are not available, moreover, it must be carefully operated in the process of use, even if the deviation is very small, the whole carving will become waste. 2, single chip microcomputer operation, this kind of operation can effectively reduce the trouble caused by errors and operational errors, while using the computer to control the program, you can also use other such as typesetting pages, however, the computer cannot be shut down for operation. 3. Use USB interface to transfer data with data cable and other data storage. You can leave the computer only after the data is completely uploaded and the file is confirmed to be saved on the computer, only then can you turn off the computer or use other pages. This control mode greatly saves time and energy and improves the working efficiency of woodworking engraving machines. Woodworking engraving machine has nearly 20 keys, such as start/Pause key, stop key, breakpoint/continue key, etc. Users must be familiar with the control function of each key before using it, in order to complete the operation in one go, avoid operational errors and produce waste products. Nowadays, the application of woodworking engraving machines is accompanied by high requirements for supply of goods in various industrial production fields, and is tending to be high-grade and generalized. Under the supervision and suggestion of daily application, the quality of the product itself is getting higher and higher, and the working performance is getting better and better.
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