What are the characteristics of stone engraving machine in the process of movement?

by:Transon     2020-03-12
The movement process of stone engraving machine is not particularly complicated. If you don't know what characteristics the stone engraving machine has in the movement process, Xiaobian can give you a detailed introduction. Although the movement process of stone engraving machine is not very complicated, I still hope everyone can read the following contents attentively. Screw nut transmission pair is adopted in each transmission chain to ensure smooth movement transmission and compact structure. One end of the lead screw is connected with the motor shaft through a coupling, and the lead screw is driven by a stepping motor to convert the rotary motion into linear motion. The other end is supported by bearings. The rotation direction and speed of the stepping motor are determined by the command pulse. The number of command pulses is the number of rotation steps of the motor, that is, the magnitude of angular displacement. As long as the command pulse frequency is changed, the rotation speed of the stepping motor can be continuously adjusted within a wide range. It has the following characteristics: 1. Position control function, which can send out a specific number of pulses in advance, thus obtaining the angle to be output. 2. The stepless speed regulation function can obtain the required motor speed according to the speed of sending pulses. 3. Positive/negative, emergency stop and locking functions, through the high and low level control of the system, the effect of positive/negative rotation is obtained. Under the condition of motor locking ( There is current in the motor winding, and there is no external electric pulse requiring rotation), There is still the output of static torque. 4, low speed and high precision position function, through the control of pulse speed, can directly get very low speed without the transition through the gear box, thereby avoiding the loss of power and the deviation of angular position. 5, long life does not need to be like the ordinary DC motor through the brush and the phase changer, thus reducing the friction and increasing the life. As shown in figure 2. 6 The Stone engraving machine head moves up and down along the Z-direction lead screw to realize the engraving depth figure 2. 6 The connection between the lead screw and the motor shaft, and the rigid coupling is used for the connection between the lead screw and the motor, which can improve the fixing accuracy of the connection between the two shaft heads, as shown in Fig. 2. 6 shown. These contents are the introduction of the sports characteristics of the stone engraving machine. I believe everyone will have a further understanding of the stone engraving machine after reading it.
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