Wedm cutting efficiency

by:Transon     2020-04-21
For wire cutting, because the electrode wire is a one time, no matter how much as long as constantly silk, silk processing is continuous, so he's maximum efficiency is his normal working efficiency. However for in wire cutting machine tool, it was completely different. Due to the wire electrode is used cycle, silk consumption directly affects the size of the continuous cutting the length of time, so the assessment of walking wire cutting efficiency must be continuous cutting conditions (above 20000 was edm machine This is generally small and medium mould cutting area) 。 So to silking ( Including brisk walking silk) In terms of wedm cutting efficiency (largest Maximum efficiency) And the normal work of cutting efficiency, Referred to as efficiency) Are two different concepts, and the index of real has practical value to the user is not the maximum efficiency, but the work efficiency. Namely can continuous cutting 20000 was maximum efficiency of continuous filament. Can imagine when you use the wire cutting machine tool processing mould, while cutting efficiency was 300 / min or more, but not broken wires soon, you can also accept such efficiency? Now in the market of wire cutting machine tool cutting efficiency should be normal was/min - 100 Was 180 / min, the machining efficiency is normal, the customer do not listen to boast of manufacturer, has been seeing is believing for important basis.
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