Use stone carving machine to carved cylindrical three-dimensional modelling carving skills do you know what?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Carved cylindrical and stereo modelling with stone engraving machine carving skills do you know what? Stone carving machine such as hardwood, marble, white marble carving of cylindrical articles such as handicraft carving processing processing tips to share. 1. Lift platform USES 2 kw three-phase way motor, turbine worm transmission, drive the coarse pitch sprocket and four big diameter trapezoidal screw, and add buy four large diameter guide light bars are lifting up and down movement, stable and reliable, the maximum lifting weight can reach 1. 5 tons. 2. On the lift platform is equipped with stainless steel sink, for processing stone material to use, and the automatic feed water device. 3. On carving machine equipment platform, two type 4012 rotator can be placed in cylindrical workpieces, rotator can be discharged, for plane engraving, flat workpiece thickness is 700 mm. 4. Lathe bed and frame adopts thick wall tube welding and become, and eliminating stress treatment. Good rigidity and deformation. 5. Y axis adopt double motor drive, high precision gear and rack driving, big power, smooth operation. 6. The rotating machine long plate ( Positive and negative) And telephoned the thimble. Plunger movement back with square linear guide, concentricity is very accurate. The chassis is the ZL - 102 the overall casting finishing. Biggest machined part is 400 mm in diameter, length is 1200 mm, the work piece can be up to 56 kg weight, and balance wheel configuration artifacts.
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