Surprise! Co2 laser machine can cut the ice?

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Spring is coming, summer be far behind? When summer comes, we love ice nature also came. 。 。 。 。 。
first of all, laser sister would like to ask you a question: & other; What do you think of co2 laser machine can cut ice? ” Believe most people the answer is NO! ! ! ! But after looking at this article today, do you think is likely to turn 180 degrees.

really hard to imagine & other; Laser & throughout; And & other Ice & throughout; Can't anything to do this thing, what is the intersection. But, but, however, foreign net friend joy, carbon dioxide laser cutting ice test was finally done. Picture is truth! I believe you can't wait to see the miracle happened?

foreign netizens use laser cutting machine carved ice cubes on ice, for drinking milk. Ice also cut the kitten graphics used to play, it's fun!

co2 laser machine at the ice carving a lovely cat head

have to say that creative world is omnipotent, laser technology is really without stop. As long as you want, carbon dioxide laser machine can do it! Laser sister think, however, we now have a dedicated ice making machine, although not like a laser cutting machine image switching freely, but in practical terms, with carbon dioxide laser cutting ice entertainment are ok, in fact also really some & other; Overqualified & throughout; , don't you think?

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