Styrofoam bubble how many money a carving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Styrofoam bubble engraving machine equipment characteristics: 1, adopt Taiwan Yintai original 30 linear square rail, double row and four row ball slider, loading capacity is big, smooth operation. 2, the stars high power spindle, long service life, stable operation, and good starting performance, torque, can give full play to the advantages of this machine is high speed, guarantee the long time bulk processing, high efficiency. 3, adopt Taiwan d macro CNC operating system, operating more simple, humanized design, using intelligent budget law, give full play to the potential of motor, realize the high speed machining, linear synchronous, curve look better. 4, Japan yaskawa servo motor drive systems, that were imported machine running speed, strong power. 5, dust cover design, preventing dust, dirt, ensure the normal operation of the machine, at the same time make the longer life of the machine. 6, fission structure of lathe bed, thick-walled pipe welding, the vibration aging treatment, durable, not changeful form, ensure the machine engineering of high stability. Styrofoam bubble engraving machine suitable for: can be widely used in casting foam mold, cast iron mold, foam mold, auto block, block, the train aviation wooden, wooden ship, such as paraffin wax mold production.
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