Spring dress & applique fabric laser cutting machine

by:Transon     2021-01-11
The breath of spring already very rich, the weather has been warming, it is time to start a new dress too.
spring series of clothing with exquisite and delicate texture and colorful colors to cater to breath of spring, traditional pattern printed on the texture excellent fabric and mesh lace, deserve to go up applique fabric laser cutting machine cutting decals, and allows you to quickly become the eyes of news!

applique fabric applique design modification made of laser cutting machine, is very suitable for spring clothing.

decals is a kind of beautiful scenery on the clothing, sort is more, the applique adornment on the clothing fabric, can fully show the colorful richly, clothing fashion is one of the most popular embellishments, clothing under the ornament has also made a special style!

decal cut very trouble? Applique processing artificial cost?
the above problems, has the applique fabric laser cutting machine can easily perfect solution!

applique fabric laser cutting machine is the use of high energy density of laser beam on the garment fabric finish fast cutting work, can be applied to cotton, linen, leather, chemical fiber, lace, mesh cloth, non-metallic flexible fabrics such as woven fabrics.
after laser cutting decals can be used for wedding dress, dress, skirt, collar, cuffs and other clothing. The most important of all, laser processing and high precision, high speed, no mold, can reduce the production cycle, reduce labor cost, greatly improve production efficiency.

China laser equipment factory group recommend

camera series laser cutting machine in pieces

functions perfect power cut function, power is second to electricity, not repeat cutting;
in pieces the shortest cutting path of the software design, the average saving 10% ~ 20% of working time;
automatic camera positioning system, device can automatically search cutting workpiece and accurate positioning.
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