Small, the application of CNC engraving machine, CNC numerical control system

by:Transon     2020-04-18
CNC engraving machine processing methods, processing method, the text pattern processing program generation method and its hardware and software of CNC system structure. The system on hardware with 486 PC bus industrial computer and open the thought of structure design, software adopts the modular, structured design, Chinese menu operation, graphics programming, simulation and machining track advanced technology such as online display and self-diagnosis, not only makes the system hardware antijamming ability strong, easy extension, and makes the system software portability is good, operation, programming, simple, intuitive, image processing instruction is not easy to go wrong. The adoption of the system design scan input and graphics programming, makes the programming and processing of complex patterns more efficient. Due to the whole system includes graphic input, vector quantization, AutoCAD editing, design and function of automatic programming, is actually an integration of CAD/CAM system. The CNC system has the function of three-axis linkage, pulse equivalent of X, Y axis 0. 005 mm, the Z axis pulse equivalent 0. 01 mm, maximum rate of empty running three axis of 4 m/min, the processing speed of 0. 001~3m/min。 With a small CNC engraving machine can not only beautiful words, designs, and can be used to make mould, such as processing sole mould with it. The system for only a small amount of modification can be used for other numerical control machine tools, such as laser, flame, plasma, water jet cutting machine, laser and plasma sintering machine, as well as three coordinate nc milling machine and so on.
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