Should the engraving machine choose square gauge or compass?

by:Transon     2020-03-21
Engraving Machine selection of circular rail or square rail is good, we can compare the characteristics of circular rail and square rail. Characteristics of circular rail: high bearing capacity, but general accuracy. Square rail, also known as linear guide rail, has high positioning accuracy and good reproducibility. The rolling motion mode of the linear guide rail has a very small friction coefficient, and the difference between static friction force and dynamic friction force is very small, so there will be no idling slip even during micro feed, therefore, the positioning accuracy of μm level can be realized. Low friction resistance, can maintain accuracy for a long time. It can bear the high load capacity of four directions, and the best design of geometric mechanics structure can bear the load of radial direction, reverse direction and transverse direction at the same time, and maintain the walking accuracy, at the same time, the performance and load capacity can be improved easily by applying preloading and the number of sliders. It is suitable for high-speed application with the characteristic of small friction resistance, low demand for driving horsepower of equipment, large energy saving effect, especially small motion wear and low temperature rise effect, it can simultaneously realize the demand of mechanical miniaturization and high speed. From the above characteristics, it is not difficult to see that the performance of the square rail is better than that of the circular rail, but the cost of the circular rail is relatively cheap, the production cycle is short, and it is easy to install. If it is not carved stainless steel and other high hardness metals, circular Rail engraving machine can also be considered.
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